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Updating RipDraw® Lite Firmware with Host Application

Starting with RipDraw Lite Firmware Version 0.3.0 (or later), the RipDraw Lite firmware can be upgraded through the USB port using the RipDraw Windows emulator hosted on a PC or a host application. This page provides an example on how to implement a firmware upgrade using a host application.

The host application reads the firmware and the firmware loader from its own file storage and then uses the RipDraw C Lite library functions RdFlashWriteEnable(),RdFlashImage() and RdFlashData() to write them to the RipDraw Lite display. Once the firmware loader is received by the RipDraw Lite display and recognized (reserved file name), the Ripdraw display will immediately flash the loaded firmware file. The download firmware file and firmware loader are then automatically removed from the RipDraw Lite display after the flashing has been completed. A power on off reset is required to complete the flashing.

Starting with displays running RipDraw Lite Firmware Version 0.3.2 (or later)

  1. the RipDraw Lite display will reset itself after flashing, power off/on the RipDraw display is not required
  2. the ending sequence for flashing has been changed to more closely the ending sequence for flashing images and fonts

The code was written and tested on a Beagle Bone Black with a USB connection to the RipDraw 1U display.

Host Application Code Example

RipDraw Lite Firmware Files

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