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Updating RipDraw® Lite Firmware with Emulator

Starting with RipDraw Lite Firmware Version 0.3.0, the RipDraw Lite firmware can be upgraded through the USB port using the RipDraw Windows emulator hosted on a PC or an host application. The emulator flashing process is very similar to the process in which images or fonts from the RipDraw Web Portal are loaded into the RipDraw Lite displays using the emulator.

General Steps

These are the general steps required to upload new firmware to a RipDraw Lite display.

  1. Load the RipDraw Lite firmware files into a Windows PC.
  2. Connect the RipDraw Lite display to the Windows PC via a USB port and run the RipDraw Emulator software.
  3. Navigate the RipDraw Emulator to the new firmware file and download “firmware”
  4. Download the “firmloader” and the flashing will automatically start.
  5. The RipDraw Lite display will sequence the background color from red to yellow and finally green while reprogramming the flash. Wait for it to stop.
  6. Power cycle the RipDraw Lite display and the new firmware should be ready to go.

Detailed Steps

Obtain RipDraw Lite firmware files and load into Windows PC

Download the new firmware to a windows PC and unzip. The unzipped files will appear in same directory structure as a typical RipDraw Web Portal Project.


Download just the firmware file to the RipDraw Lite Display.


Download the “firmloader” to the RipDraw display

Download the firmware loader to the RipDraw Lite display and this will start the flashing process of the RipDraw Lite display with the previously loaded firmware file. The RipDraw Lite display will go from red to yellow and finally green when flashing. firmware_emualtor_loader.jpg

When this is done, disconnect and reconnect the RipDraw Lite display from the Windows PC and then use the emulator to confirm the new version number of the firmware. In this example, the new version is 0.3.1.


After the firmware is updated, the firmware file and loader file are automatically removed from the RipDraw Lite display.


Last modified: 2016/06/18 01:35

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