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Rudy's World

Complete RipDraw C Development for Beagle Bone Bone Black

If you need to test drive RipDraw ASAP and don't have time to setup a cross development environment, use RudysWorld!

RudysWorld is a Beagle Bone Black Linux OS image loaded with everything you need to start using RipDraw ASAP. RudysWorld includes a C compiler, Eclipse IDE for C, RipDraw tutorials, RipDraw C libraries, makefiles and source code all configured and ready to Rip.

RudysWorld is available for download here here

Download it, unzip it and then write the image on to an microSD card. It is a bootable Beagle Bone Black OS image. Put the microSD into the Beagle Bone Black, power cycle and you will be running the RudysWorld. Pull it out, reboot and you will be back to where you were before. If you want to keep it around, just transfer the image from mircoSD into the eMMC on-board flash storage of the Beagle Bone Black. It is that simple.

Get The Stuff Together

Let's go over the hardware you will need from the development kit:

  1. RipDraw Display (with optional projective capacitive touch screen)*
  2. RipDraw Graphical Processing Board*
  3. Beagle Bone Black
  4. microSD card with RudysWorld Beagle Bone Black OS image inserted into the Beagle Bone Black
  5. USB cable between Beagle Bone Black and RipDraw Graphical Processing Board*
  6. USB cable between Beagle Bone Black and your Windows PC or an equivalent machine
  7. An options power supply to the Beagle Bone Black is recommended but not provided

* denotes items included in development kit

Once you have everything connected, it should look like this picture below for the 1U Ripdraw displays. The last cable goes to your Windows PC. Other RipDraw display follow this general configuration.


Windows PC to Remote Desktop into the Beagle Bone Black

You will need a Windows PC that can provide a remote desktop connection to the Beagle Bone Black (BBB) desktop. This example uses an Windows PC but any equivalent system will work.

Ripping with RudysWorld in Three Steps

Step 1

Boot BBB and login into BBB desktop via the Remote Desktop Connection The user name is “rudy” and the password is “rudy” or “ripdraw” remoteconnection.jpg rudylogin.jpg

Step 2

Startup Eclipse


Step 3

Open the project, clean, make, select the debug configuration and you are Ripping!

select_tutorial_1.jpg select_tutorial_2.jpg

The BBB is not really fast enough to support a full project development but good enough for doing the initial testing and evaluation of RipDraw. We recommend setting up a suitable cross development environment for the actual project development.

If you need to muck around with the systems as root, there is no password for the root login, just enter return for that password.


Last modified: 2016/01/27 16:41

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