Getting Started with the RipDraw 1U Lite Development Kit and the Beagle Bone Black

Here are some quick tips to help you get going with the RipDraw 1U Lite Development Kit and the Beagle Bone Black.

Get The Stuff Together

Let's go over the hardware you will need from the development kit:

  1. RipDraw 1U display (with optional projective capacitive touch screen)*
  2. RipDraw Graphical Processing Board
  3. Beagle Bone Black *
  4. USB cable between Beagle Bone Black and RipDraw Graphical Processing Board*
  5. USB cable between Beagle Bone Black and your Windows PC
  6. An optional power supply to the Beagle Bone Black is recommended but not provided *

* denotes items included in development kit

Once you have everything connected, it should look like this picture below. The last cable goes to your Windows PC.

The first thing you should do is put a "splash screen" on to the display. The splash screen is a useful functional check after power up.


Set Up Your Cross Development and Debugging Environment on Your Widows PC

To help you setup a cross development/debugging environment look that this document.

It was written for the RipDraw 7“ GPU, but just “substitute in the RipDraw 1U display”

Now you are ready to run RipDraw 1U tutorials and begin development!

Rudy's World

If you need to test drive RipDraw ASAP and don't have time to setup a cross development environment, Rudy's World rudy_wiki_header_ripdraw_lite_bottom_rev_1.jpg

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