RipDraw Code Generation and Leveraging Existing RipDraw Tutorials

RipDraw Code Generation

The RipDraw Web portal can provide complete source code for RipDraw Projects developed on the RipDraw Web Portal. When this feature is selected as part of the Project Export, the export will include a main.c file, code for all project design screens, interface drivers (serial, SPI), operating system/processor specific RipDraw C Library and makefiles.


The main.c code initializes the RipDraw Display and cycles each design to the RipDraw Display in a manner similar to the RUN ALL feature of the RipDraw Native Emulator. The purpose of the code generation code is provide a executable “story board” program and full source code examples for each design of the project. The source code examples of the design can easily cut and pasted into the final host application.

Leveraging Existing RipDraw Tutorials

The RipDraw Tutorials have a different source code directory structure than those used in the RipDraw Code Generation export. The tutorials are packaged WITHOUT the RipDraw C Library, which has to be downloaded separately. Each tutorial utilizes the same single RipDraw C Library. In contrast, each export of RipDraw Code Generation includes a complete copy of the RipDraw C Library.

To leverage the existing Beagle Bone Black 1U tutorial environment and compile the RipDraw Generated Code, take an existing makefile from the tutorial and make these simple changes

  1. change the project to “main” and location to the the RipDraw C libraries
  2. add the object files of the design, in this example, the two designs are 1StaticLayerButtons and 2DynamicLayerButtons

The makefile will produce the executable “main”.

ripdrawlibrarylocation.jpg ripdrawdesignobjects.jpg


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