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If emulator is stopped in-between or killed from the task manager while any operation is going on, Ripdraw Device might go into invalid status and need to reboot it or need to plug out & plug in the USB cable.


  • Emulator application is mainly used to transfer data (fonts, Images and Image Lists) from Webportal to Device. Emulator is nothing but an interface between “Webportal” and “Device”.
  • When you hit the Export button from the “Web portal-project Edit” page, it will open “Download” link.
  • When you click on “Download” link, it will download fonts, Images, Image Lists and Script files of that respective project in Zip format. You must have to extract the folder. Emulator will use this project folder to transfer the data by clicking on “Browse” button.
  • Project Path: is used to mention the selected folder path by clicking on “Browse” button. Once you browse the project folder, all fonts, Images and Image Lists will be available under the Drop down. Same Script files will also be available under the separate drop down.(Please refer Below Screen Shot) By default “Run All”, “Run Selected”, “Download All”, “Download Selected” buttons will be disabled. Once Right Path of Images,Fonts & Imagelists found,it will be enabled. (Please refer above screen)


  • Select Port: is given the port detail of the device. For that, your Device should be attached with your application through USB port GPU USB Device Driver Installation. By default, Port detail is available into the textbox. If you would like to change the port detail, you can do it manually. By default, it will show last screen “Time” for next use.
  • Detect: When Device is attached with Computer and user click on “Detect” button, it will detect com port and display its value on “Select Port” textbox.
  • System Info: When you click on “Get” button, it will give “DevApp Version”, “OS Version”, “Total RAM”, “Total ROM”, “Free ROM”, “Display Matrix”, “Devdata CRC” details of device.
  • Backlight: is used to get and set the brightness. By clicking on “Get” button, you will get device backlight current brightness value. “Set” button is used to set the back light brightness value. You can not set brightness value more than 100. If you will try to set more than 100 number, it will popup Error Message(Please Refer Below Screen) & Negative Number Not Accepted(Auto Check while writing value).


  • Download Selected: After selecting any fonts, Images and Image Lists from the Dropdown, when you hit the “Download Selected” button, it will write that selected file from Emulator to Device. By default Device will be in “Read only” mode. Once you select any image, image list or font and transfer it from Emulator to Device, Device will write selected file and then again will be in Read only mode. The reason to change the mode of the device to avoid the corruption into device file system.
  • Download All: is used to transfer all data (all files) from Emulator to the Device.
  • Delete All on Device: is used to delete all data from the device which is being transferred from “Emulator”.
  • Run All: is used to execute all files into device. device can be handled by 2 ways:
    1. Time base
    2. Touch base

For Time base, you have to check mark the checkbox “Time” and have to provide the numeric value into textbox. Mention timing value in “Millisecond”. According to mention time, it will generate interval to execute the script files. “Time base” check box is checked by default. If you have not selected “Time” checkbox, it will continuous display the slide show. Once you touch on the LCD screen, it will execute next script“. Once all the scripts are executed, it will stop to last script. When we click on “Run All” and if any issue has happened in any script file, it will display error message into the “Status”.(Please see the screen shot)

  • Run Selected: is used to execute the selected script into device. When we click on “Run Selected” and if any issue has happened in script file, it will display error message into the “Status”.
  • Status: is used to display status of the each action that you perform through the buttons. If action that we have performed will be successfully done, It will display “done” message in “Status”. If any issue occurs, it will display “Error Code”.
  • Help: It will Open Emulator Wiki page.
  • Close: Button will close the application.
  • Configuration File: When you give correct project Path and hit the “close” button,Emulator will generate “Configuration” file.This file contains “Project Path”,”Serial Port“,”Baud Rate“ and “Time Value” details.You can change them values from file and application both side.


  1. If memory of the device gets full and try to add new project, it will display error message with error code. You have to delete prior project and have to add new project.
  2. If you merge multiple projects data (fonts, Images and Image Lists) and run all into device, it is not necessary to display each script file of the respective project. It will display script file as per the “Sequence” of the name. So it will be displayed combination of the multiple projects script files.
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