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appThis folder contains main and make files which is required for application.
*.call .c code files generated from design scripts in your application.
main.cmain file of your application.
main.hheader file for main.c file
CMakeLists.txtCMake script for your project. project script file for linux/windows. project script file for linux/windows.
base/cbaseThis folder contains C-coded base files required for application.
_cbase.hIt's header file which include all required C-base file.
Log.cIt contains functions to print debug/log message.
Log.hIt's header file log functions.
ProtoBuffer.cIt's buffer file for protocols of ripdraw device (i.e device read
ProtoBuffer.hIt's header file that define buffer functions.
RipdrawTypes.hIt's header file which cointains all basic types(id or errorcode)
StringUtils.cDefines string utils functions.
StringUtils.hIt's header file string utils functions.
clib/cintThis folder contains the file which deals with Interface(eg. SPI or Serial)
Ripdraw.cIt contains basic funtions of ripdraw commands.
RipdrawLinuxSerial.c / RipdrawLinuxSpi.c / RipdrawWindowsSerial.c / RipdrawWindowsSpi.cIt contains OS environment functions for interface communication.
clib/commonThis folder contains common files which supports both interface and standalone.
Ripdraw.hIt's header file for Ripdraw commands.
RipdrawCommon.cIt contains the functions which supports ripdraw commands.
RipdrawCommon.hIt's header file of Ripdrawcommon.c.
extlibThis folder contains the extended functionality of ripdraw.
BaseApi.cIt contains the resource load functions.
BaseApi.hIt's header file for baseapi.
DownloadApi.cIt contains function which supports download files to device.
DownloadApi.hIt's header file for DownloadAPI.
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