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Possible Errors for RipDraw Classic and RipDraw Lite

Command Name Code Description
RdErrorSuccess 0x0000 Success
RdErrorUnknown 0x8000 Unexpected error (RipDraw Lite Only)
RdErrorInsufficientResource 0x8001 RAM memory not available to proceed
RdErrorNotSupported 0x8002 Try to load unsupported file format
RdErrorInvalidState 0x8003 Invalid state , i.e DataTransferChunk and DataTransferEnd mismatch id
RdErrorCommandInvalidLength 0x8004 Parameter of command is not in proper format,i.e pixel data should be minimum of width * height of the pixel-dimension-size
RdErrorInvalidSeqNo 0x8005 Invalid sequence number provided
RdErrorCommandInvalidChecksum 0x8006 Checksum is wrong
RdErrorCommandNotFound 0x8007 Unknown command
RdErrorReadCheckFailed 0x8008 Read failed
RdErrorInvalidPosition 0x8009 Position greater than device resolution or less than layer origin that is set by SetLayerOriginAndSize command
RdErrorInvalidSize 0x8010 Position + size greater than device resolution
RdErrorLayerInvalidId 0x8011Invalid Layer ID
RdErrorLayerComposeFailed 0x8012 Layer compose failed
RdErrorInvalidImageId 0x8013 Invalid Image ID (RipDraw Lite Only)
RdErrorLoadInvalidId 0x8014 Invalid load ID (RipDraw Lite Only)
RdErrorLayerNotEnabled 0x8015 Writing to layer that is not enabled
RdErrorMaxPages 0x8020 Maximun number of pages exceeded (RipDraw Lite Only)
RdErrorPageInvalidId 0x8021 Invalid page ID
RdErrorImageInvalidLabel 0x8022 Image label not found
RdErrorImageInvalidId 0x8023 Image ID not found
RdErrorFontInvalidId 0x8024 Font ID not found
RdErrorTextWindowInvalidId 0x8025 Text window ID not found
RdErrorGraphWindowInvalidId 0x8026 Graph ID not found
RdErrorImageWriteInvalidId 0x8027 Image write ID not found
RdErrorStringWriteInvalidId 0x8028 String ID not found
RdErrorCharWriteInvalidId 0x8029 Character write ID not found
RdErrorAnimationInvalidId 0x8030 Animation play ID not found
RdErrorTouchMapInvalidId 0x8031 Touchmap ID not found
RdErrorImageListInvalidId 0x8032 Image list ID not found
RdErrorImageListWriteInvalidId 0x8033 Image list write ID
RdErrorImageBPP 0x8034 bmp header is wrong format or bmp file contains bits per pixel not supported (32 bit ARGB bmp format) (RipDrawLite only)
RderrorImageHeight 0x8035image height is bigger than the LCD height
RderrorImageWidth 0x8036 Image width greater than fixed pixels (RipDraw Lite only)
RdErrorFileSize 0x8037 Image file size does not match bmp header or invalid file header (RipDraw Lite only)
RdErrorImageHeader 0x8038 Loading invalid image files. 1RU supports only BMP files (32 bit ARGB bmp format)(RipDraw Lite only)
RdErrorMaxImages 0x8040 Maximum number of images displayed on the LCD is exceeded
RdErrorMaxChars 0x8041 Maximum number of images displayed on the LCD is exceeded
RdErrorInvalidTransferId 0x8042 transfer ID of the file writing into the flash is invalid
RdErrorScriptFileEndOfFile 0x8101
RdErrorScriptFileInvalidCommand 0x8102
RdErrorScriptFileInvalidParam 0x8103
RdErrorScriptFileProcessFailed 0x8104
RdErrorScriptFileVarMapAlreadyExist 0x810A
RdErrorScriptFileInvalidSeqNo 0x810B
RdErrorImageReadFailed 0x8201 Unable to read image due to corrupted or some unknown reason
RdErrorImageWriteFailed 0x8202 Unable to write image due to some unknown reason
RdErrorImageSettingsFailed 0x8203 Image settings failed
RdErrorImageResizeFailed 0x8204 Resize image failed
RdErrorZipCreateFileFailed 0x8205 zip file creation failed
RdErrorFreeTypeSettingsFailed 0x8206 free type api settings failed
RdErrorDpiOrDestFileSettingsFailed 0x8207 dpi file settings failed
RdErrorInFlashFileReadFailed 0x8301 Flash file read failed
RdErrorInFlashDataTransfer 0x8302 Data partition must be on read write mode
RdErrorInFlashMountFailed 0x8303 Partition must be mounted
RdErrorInsufficientFlashMemory 0x8304 Flash memory space unavailable
RdErrorPageInitFailed 0x8401 Page initialization failed
RdErrorIdOverFlow 0x8402 The ids that are return from commands are greater than 65530
RdErrorConfigLoadFailed 0x8403 Unable to load configuration file
RdErrorConfigSaveFailed 0x8404 Unable to save configuratio file
RdErrorInvalidDataLength 0x8601 Currenpted Data Length
RdErrorI2cInitFailed 0x8501 Unable to initialize I2c
RdErrorI2cReadFailed 0x8502 Unable to read I2c
RdErrorUiRegisterClassFailed 0x8801
RdErrorUiCreateWindowFailed 0x8802
RdErrorUiSetWindowLongPtrFailed 0x8803
RdErrorlineglowByteFailed 0x8804
RdErrorBufferNull 0x8901 Buffer is Null
RdErrorInsufficientMemory 0x8902 Memory insufficient
RdErrorInvalidResponse 0x8903 Invalid response
RdErrorMemoryAllocationFailed 0x8904 Memory allocation failed
RdErrorResponseTimeOut 0x8905 Response time out
RdErrorInterfaceNull 0x8906 Interface null
RdErrorPortOpenFailed 0x8907 Unable to open port
RdErrorPortInitFailed 0x8908 Unable to initialize port
RdErrorExtintAllocFailed 0x8909
RdErrorIntWriteFailed 0x8910 Unable to write on interface
RdErrorIntReadFailed 0x8911 Unable to read from interface
RdErrorFtWriteFailed 0x8912
RdErrorFtReadFailed 0x8913
RdErrorFtOpenFailed 0x8914
RdErrorFtInitFailed 0x8915
RdErrorSeqNoMissmatch 0x8916 Sequence number missmatch
RdErrorChecksumMissmatch 0x8917 Checksum missmatch
RdErrorDeviceCommandFailed 0x8918 Device command failed
RdErrorInvalidDirectoryPath 0x9001 Invalid directory path
RdErrorFileOpenFailed 0x9002 File Open Failed
RdErrorFileNotExist 0x9003 File does not exist
RdErrorFileDownloadFailed 0x9004 File download failed
RdErrorFileAlreadyExists 0x9005 File already exists in the flash memory
RdErrorFlashWriteDisabled 0x9006 Flash write is disabled and trying to write data into flash
RdErrorLogFileOpenFailed 0x9100 File Open Failed
RdErrorInvalidDebugLevel 0x9101 Debug Level Invalid
RdErrorInvalidLogType0x9102 Log Type Invalid
RdErrorInvalidInterfaceSpeed0x9103 Interface speed Invalid
RdErrorInvalidInterfaceType0x9104Interface Type Invalid
RdPortNotProvided0x9105Port Not Provided
RdLogFileNotProvided0x9106 Log file Not Provided in command Line
RdDebugLevelNotProvided0x9107 Debug Level Not Provided in command Line
RdLogTypeNotProvided0x9108Log type Not Provided in command Line
RdInterfaceSpeedNotProvided0x9109Interface Speed Not provided in command Line
RdInterfaceTypeNotProvided0x9110Interface Type Not Provided in command Line
RdInterfaceDetailsNotProvided0x9111Interface Details Not Provided in command Line


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