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RipDraw 1U SPI to Beagle Bone Black Cable Notes (Private Notes)


  1. The RipDraw 1U SPI to Beagle Bone Black should be made with mating connector to RipDraw 1U CON 5
  2. The other end will be two sets of flying leads
  3. One set of flying leads is for the connection to the BBB (pins on BBB are too far apart for a connector)
  4. The other set of flying leads allow for a T connection for a SPI sniffer (flying leads allow for different sniffers)
  5. The flying leads should be female with 29 AWG wire. (female is electrically safer and user can convert)
  6. Length cable should be about 6 inches.
  7. Use the color coding in table for signals
  8. Provide an ADDITIONAL flying lead for GROUND
  9. Total number of flying leads will be 11, (5 x 2) plus additional ground lead.

RipDraw 1U to Beagle Bone Black SPI wiring with TotalPhase tap PIN chart

Ripdraw 1U SPI Signal DescriptionJumper ColorTotalPhase PinBBB Pin
1 (middle) CS Slave Select (active low, output from master)Purple9P9_17 CS0
2 CLK SCK Serial Clock Serial Clock (output from master)Yellow7P9_22 SCLK
3 SO MISO Master Input, Slave Output (output from slave)Blue Bottom8 P9_21
4 SI MOSI Master Output, Slave Input (output from master) Green Top5 P9_18
5 (edge) GND GroundBlack2 and 10P9_46 DGND

Total Phase Pinout and Signal Definition

totalphase_i2c_pins.jpg totalphase_pin_def.jpg

BBB Pinout

bbb_spi_pins.jpg bbb_spi_on_p9.jpg bbb_p9.jpg

Last modified: 2015/05/14 11:54

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