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GPU USB Device Driver Installation

  1. Connect power and USB-OTG cable on board as per given in this image. lcd-0169-m2-rev1.5a-2.jpg
  2. Connect other end of USB to PC.
  3. Now power on the Board.
  4. When you power on board, you will find “Gadget Serial v2.4” in device manager of your PC. drv-step-4.jpg
  5. Now you need to install driver for this. For this, Right-Click on “Gadget Serial v2.4” → click on “Update Driver Software..“.
  6. Click on “Browse My computer for driver software”. drv-step-6.jpg
  7. Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. drv-step-7.jpg
  8. Select “Show All Devices” → click on “Next”. drv-step-8.jpg
  9. Click on “Have Disk…” to browse for driver. drv-step-9.jpg
  10. Browse folder where “linux-cdc-acm.inf” is present and click on “OK”. drv-step-10.jpg
  11. Select “Gadget Serial”. → Click on “Next”. drv-step-11.jpg
  12. You will get “Update drier Warning” → click on “Yes”. drv-step-12.jpg
  13. Click on “Install this driver software anyway”. drv-step-13.jpg
  14. Now, driver will be installed and you will get this screen. drv-step-14.jpg
  15. In device manger you can find it as “Gadget Serial(COM#)”. drv-step-15.jpg
  16. This port will use for RipDraw emulator application.
Last modified: 2014/10/09 06:46

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