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GPU Notes

Firmware Flash

  • Ripdraw board firmware flash
  • When NAND_LOCK is HIGH during power-up, the NAND_LOCK function is enabled.
  • When NAND_LOCK is enable, All the blocks on the device are protected, or locked, from PROGRAM and ERASE operations
  • To disable NAND_LOCK,connect 1-2 or 3-4 pin of J16 connector during power-up and Flash firmware.

SPI driver Troubleshoot

  • spi driver is working 300khz to 2Mhz frequency.
  • When GPU(slave) write Response and HOST(master) not read data or not start clock this condition after 2 second flush timeout error comes.
  • When this condition occurs, host fire 4k byte read cycle so after all command is working.
  • FTDI(master) SPI module required 2ms delay end of the write data.

as per link (Page No. 15)

Firmware Booting Process

  • The touch panel power selection J1 connector not connected(J1 connector pin 1-2 or 3-4 not short) that time booting process time is increment 2 second.

Emulator Flash Images

  • When flash images through emulator, that time connect 1-2 or 3-4 pin of J16 connector to make NAND_LOCK disable
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