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Beagle Bone Black Tutorials for 1U RipDraw Display

What Are They?

The tutorials are simple easy to understand C application program hosted by the Beagle Bone Black that exercise various features of the RipDraw Display. Each tutorial is self contained and provides the application source code, the corresponding RipDraw C library, makefile, pre-compiled executable and all images/fonts for the RipDraw Display. The pre-compiled executable can be run on the Beagle Bone Black right out of the box, just don't forget to load the RipDraw Display with corresponding images and fonts.

The user is encouraged to utilize the tutorials as a code base that can be modified to explore different features of the RipDraw Display. The tutorials were compiled and debugged using Windows cross compile tools. The makefile can be modified to utilize different tool chains.

To help you setup a cross development/debugging environment look that this document.

It was written for the RipDraw 7“ GPU, but just “substitute in the the appropriate RipDraw Display”

Where Are They?

All tutorials and code samples are available for download from, just follow this link.

The tutorials for the 1U RipDraw Display are in thisrepository.

Even Faster!

If you want to test drive RipDraw ASAP, skip setting up a cross development platform and then just use the Beagle Bone Black as the your development system. The whole shebang (compiler, debugger, IDE..) is on this image.


Last modified: 2015/07/28 11:27

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