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1U RipDraw Display Firmware 480x107 (O Film display version) Documentation

This is the current state of the 1U RipDraw firmware (O Film Display version). Contact us for to upgrade your 1U RipDraw Display firmware.

DevApp VersionAvailability DateChange Summary RecommendationFirmware Download
0.3.4August 12, 2016Fixed Host USB driver DTS signal issue Update recommended (NOVERIFY) Firmware v0.3.4
0.3.3July 15, 2016White flash at boot issue fixed Update recommended (NOVERIFY) Firmware v0.3.3
0.3.2July 7, 2016Reboot after flashing; flashing ending procedure matches image/font flash
0.3.1July 5, 2016Missing Font bug fixed Update recommended (NOVERIFY) Firmware v0.3.1
0.3.0 Not AvailableEmulator Flashing added Update recommended (NOVERIFY)
0.2.9Not Available480 x 120 support Update recommended (NOFIRM)
0.2.8January 4, 2016480 Pixel addressing fixed Update required
0.2.7November 5, 2015 RdFontRelease bug fixed Update recommended
0.2.6September 7, 2015 Initial firmware release

DevApp Version is the status displayed by the RipDraw Windows Native Emulator on a GET status.


Last modified: 2016/08/12 11:16

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